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Hello and welcome to another Softonic screen cast. And today, we're going to have a quick look at Google Talk. Now, what I think is really nice about Google Talk is its simplicity and privacy. Firstly, just looking at it, it's small and clean and unobtrusive. You can do pretty much everything you'd expect on a chat program, even voice chat.

If we go into settings, there are the usual things, general settings here and chat settings. You can choose to save chats to your Gmail account or not. Here, you can turn various notifications on or off, and at the end, there are a few appearance options, although they're all very minimalist.

The second nice thing is privacy. When you open a chat like this, it may be that you or your friend have saved chats enabled but let's say, for some reason, you want to make sure no one saves your chat. Just click, "Go off the record," here, and just like that, saving will be disabled at both ends of the conversation. This is the kind of openness and control that keeps people loving Google products. Okay, that's all for today. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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